Today I’m going to share with you one of the most useful PRODUCTIVITY HACK you’ll ever need. Pick a task, a list should be planned ahead of time. Set the timer to 25 minutes, any timer will do but try avoiding the one on your phone Get to work. No distractions allowed Stop when the […]


Set your goals and achieve them

Reading time : 8 min 27 sec Aim of blog : motivation Make it smarter S_ Spacifc M_ Measurable A_ Agreed R_ Realistic T_ Time bound E_ Evaluate R_ Revisable Write it down Write down your goals to clarify & intensify your intentions Break it down Break down your goals into small and manegable steps […]

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Best Version Of Yourself

words : 368/////// estimated time reading : 9 minutes //////// outcome : will power tripled ////////// state/mood : motivated///////// credit (inspiration) : team fearless [you-tube] Think about this, you have $86400 to spend every single day, but when the day is over the money disappears ,you cant get it back. Wouldn’t you try to spend […]

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If you grind on Monday, grind on Tuesday & you grind on Wednesday…. But you chill on Thursday, you chill on Friday…… And they grind on Thursday & they grind again on Friday……..sooner or later they gonna up to you. You need to tell anyone that says they coming for you that you gonna work […]

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